The Building Permit Administration section is responsible for receiving building permit applications, sign permit applications, providing permit fee information , building permit application tracking and expediting, provision of property file information including responding to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, sign variance applications, building statistics and processing for permit securities and release of securities.




Building Permit Application Packages can be found through the links below. If you require further clarification on any application forms within the package, please contact the Building Standards Department at 905-832-8510.

Prior to making a building permit application, please ensure your proposal complies with the City of Vaughan Consolidated By-law 1-88.  You may confirm zoning information by contacting the Building Standards Department, Zoning section at 905-832-8510.



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New Deck and Porches

A building permit is required for any new construction, addition or alteration to a deck or porch that is 600mm (23 5/8 inches) or greater above grade and/or any deck that is 18.6m2 (200 sq ft) or greater in building area or attached to another structure regardless of size.  Regardless of whether or not a permit is required all construction must comply with the City of Vaughan Zoning By-law I-88 as amended.


Structural Alterations

A building permit is required for all structural alterations (or material changes) within single family dwellings, semi-detached dwellings and townhouse dwelling units. (e.g. permit to remove a load bearing wall.)


Detached Garage/Shed/Cabana/Gazebo

A building permit is required for any new, addition or alteration to detached garage, shed, gazebo, cabana or other accessory structure that is 10m2 (108 sq ft) in size or greater or an accessory structure that is attached to another structure regardless of size.


Porch Enclosure

A building permit is required for enclosing existing exterior porch areas (e.g. enclosing a front porch).


New Door and Window Openings

A building permit is required when installing a new door or window opening in an exterior wall (e.g. new exterior side door) or when increasing the width of the existing opening.


Basement Finishing

A building permit is required for new finishing or alterations to existing finished basement areas within dwellings and/or where there are new plumbing fixtures or existing fixtures are being relocated.


Basement Walkout/Up

A building permit is required for the construction of all exterior basement walk-out and walk-ups.



A Demolition Permit is required to be issued by the Building Standards Department prior to the demolition of any building or structure within the City.





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Grading Permits (Infill &Subdivisions)

Effective July 2, 2013 Grading Permits are applied for through Development Engineering & Infrastructure Planning Department located on the 2nd Floor – 905-832-2281.


New Home/Additions Residential, Single Family Detached, Semi Detached and Townhomes

A building permit is required for all new construction and additions to single family dwellings, semi-detached dwelling and townhouse dwelling units.


Pool Enclosure
Effective July 2, 2013 Pool Enclosure Permits are applied for through Department located on the 2nd Floor – 905-832-2281.


 Industrial/Commercial/Institutional/High Rise Residential


New Building and Addition

This building permit application is required to construct a new building or an addition to an existing building.


Interior Alterations

This building permit application is required to alter the interior of a commercial building including construction of partitions or installation of plumbing and or heating.







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