Blanche Chapel House


Toronto, Canada

2016 – under construction

Client: Not disclosed

Built Surface: 180 sq.m



Alva Roy Architects was engaged to renovate a 1950s home in a Toronto’s traditional neighborhood at Bloor and Jane area. The design of this major renovation project aims to update a single story house to the better spacious double story dwell to reflect the client’s needs.


One of the main design concept was to reinforce the existing fabric of the neighborhood by respectfully designing a traditional forms beside old and new materials but in different architectural interpretation. The upper new mass slides slightly over the existing walls below and create a larger space at the second floor while defines of how the new additional mass attached to the existing house.


A neat well detailed Chapel form strives to celebrate the personality of the owners and history of the house while involves a new entry and reinvented façade to open the main and second floor for light and characterize the front face of the building.


A rear addition to the ground and second floor allowing for a new space and a large courtyard at the basement level harvest natural light and bright the basement with a new connection to the rear yard.