HOMA Airline

Sky Gift Club

Office building


Client: Iran Airline

Built Surface: 580 sqm



Its existing headquarters in Tehran’s Sheraton Hotel-the Iran air sale ticket since the 1970s – was deemed no longer suitable for its new collaborative, team-based work style and a search instigated to find new premises. Alva Roy commissioned to design a new interior face for Iran air sales office that had to be launched as a smaller and more proactive campaigning body with a remit to inspire the best use of Sky Gift; an inspiration new headquarters was needed to reflect its new role. The governmental funded body which once employed more than 200 people was slimmed down to just 30 core staff, with mission to collaborate with external partners accord government, business and education.
Within 580 square meters, architect has created a flexible and often exiting team environment. The main open-plan sale area is to be found on the main floor, which is used of its 4.2-meter [14 foot] floor to ceiling height. Architect intentionally designed to maintained the original window shapes and cover old trims with strip horizontal MDF board and created a lunge area at the raised platform located at the top corner of the sales area.
The second floor open plan office area illustrated transformation of an old sales area into a dramatic new home for Sky Gift.


Homa Airline Sky Gift Homa Airline Sky Gift Homa Airline Sky Gift Homa Airline Sky Gift