MAC Booth in International exhibition of food industry



Client: MAC Makaron

Built Surface: 350 sqm



The form that trade show stands take is often decided by factors like transportability and optimal construction timing. The displayed product should be the object; the stand should be the stage to propitiate communication of the corporate message.
The meaning of the floor is often undervalued in architecture, despite the fact that it is the only element that people are in constant contact with. Such defining items such as walls or ceilings are rarely, if ever touched. Door handles are gripped briefly, but the floor is walked, sat, slept or driven on…so the floor becomes the exhibit, rising from its humble functional station to the center of attention. This effect is achieved by using a chess pattern made of two-painted color in “red” and “white” which were the main color theme for the MAC’s stand. As the platform on which the exhibits are presented, the material consistency such as texture, quality, color or shape should be maintained the same as flooring material. Particular care was given to the lighting, spotlighting logos in warm color zones, leaving the foyer floodlit to permit a flexible distribution of the conversation group and facilitate reading and writing.


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