Olympic Hotel

Olympic convention center



Client: Not disclosed

Built Surface: 2400 sqm



An amazingly inviting, warm circulation is achieved through the use of day lighting, building landforms, and local materials that both reference the area’s industry and provide richly detailed surface.
Unlike the typical convention center, this space has a well-chosen vocabulary of materials and spatial proportions that commits to the connection between interior and exterior, bringing the outdoor in its interior space in a compelling and eloquent manner.
The majority of the overall center is devoted for the conference halls of various size to accommodate manifold events, yet other indoor/outdoor spaces serving retail, cultural and leisure programs are deliberately incorporated in the complex. Building configuration that encourages interaction between disparate functions and participants, where or not convention events take place, attracts and entrains visitors while reinforcing the idea of the center as ‘community living room’.


Olympic Convention Centre Olympic Convention Centre Olympic Convention Centre Olympic Convention Centre