Pickle Barrel


Toronto, Canada

2015-16, Designed - Under Construction

Client: Pickle Barrel - BLT Construction

Built Surface: 810 sqm interior and 150 sqm Patio area




Architect in Charge of Design: Alva Roy

Architects: POINT Architects


Located in the Pickering, Ontario, this project is the first Pickle Barrel Restaurant with a new look among the all other future Pickle Barrel locations.

As part of the well-known Pickle Barrel, this new construction of a popular restaurant complements Pickle Barrel core brand values, and support wellness.


As a project architect and a person who was responsible for design, Alva Roy worked with the client team to create the unique and engaging façade to attract the customer attention by bringing them inside through a sophisticated inviting entrances.


From outside in, the building is enjoying the straight lines and honest material with two very district and welcoming entries since the overall impression that a person gets from a place is formed not only by enjoying the atmosphere inside it, but also by the first thing he/she ever notices about the restaurant. This elegant restaurant is a great place to see and be seen.


The design is akin to a stream of conscious mélange of forms, details, textures and surfaces evocative of the objects which are characterized by the use of simple forms and straight lines.


The result is a modern and comfortable meeting place to relax and unwind with beautiful exterior design and brilliant views of Pickering area.


Alva Roy                                          


Pickle Barrel Restaurant, Pickering, Ontario by POINT Architects


Alva Roy was Project Architect and responsible for the design of the Pickle Barrel restaurant for POINT Architects.