Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park Landmark, Architectural Competition



Client: ThyssenKruoo Elevator

Built Surface: N/A



A competition to design a landmark structure in Zabeel Park had been lunched for creation of a tall emblem structure to have the aim of being a landmark building symbolizing the new face of Dubai, as well as promoting tourism, recreational, and cultural activities. To put the project in action Dubai played host to the 11th Architectural Award, established by ThyssenKrupp Elevator with cooperation of Dubai Municipality.
The core concept for creating a clear image of the landmark was struggle between roaring waves and sailors.
In the process of developing this concept, two different structures were designed. One was made of glass with sharp corners, represented restlessness and movement or roaring waves and the other was a curly stainless steel structure in form of sail, which completely entered into the first structure. The latter structure controlled the former in its visual effect and its stability, as well as its structure. From the middle of these two twisted structures, another tube like volume projected at the height of 150 meters with dominated view over the city of Dubai to accommodate required facilities by the client.


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